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MY.NeuTrans has fiber networks in Cyberjaya, Bandar Sunway and also from Cyberjaya to Kota Warisan. Current focus is developing the fiber network in Cyberjaya. Future plans will be to interconnect DCs within Klang Valley.

Cyberjaya Fiber Route

We have 52 km of fiber trench in Cyberjaya and currently expanding until 80 km by end of year 2023.

Kota Warisan Fiber Route

We have 18 km of fiber trench from Cyberjaya until Xiamen University in Kota Warisan.


MY.NeuTrans network operation centre is located in Cyberjaya MY01 (CX2) building.

  • 24x7x365/6 operations
  • Proactive fiber monitoring to detect fiber cut
  • Alarm is monitored by NOC and messaged to designated person(s) including standby engineers
  • Response time 2 hours, recovery time 4 hours
  • Email:
  • Tel: 03-2935 9635 ext 101 (Press 1)