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Who We Are

Spearheading The Technology in Telecommunications

MY.NeuTrans was incorporated on 8 April 2011 under Malaysian Companies Act, 1965 as a private limited company.

The Company was granted NFP and NSP licenses by MCMC on 17 July 2011 and the Company’s objective is to spearhead the sharing of telecommunication infrastructure, especially fibre-optic networks among licensed Retail Service Providers (RSPs).

The founder of the Company is Dr Mohamed bin Awang Lah who has more than 30 years’ experience in internet services in Malaysia.

MY.NeuTrans Builds, Owns and Operates neutral and shared infrastructure (fibre optic cables, towers, etc) to serve telecommunications and Internet service providers. Service providers can eliminate capital expenditures, reduce operating expenditures and speed up service delivery.

Core Business

MY.NeuTrans is focused on providing wholesale services to service providers and is committed NOT to offer retail services to End-Users. This is to avoid any possible conflict of interest to our customers. All customers are treated equal and served with a standard terms and conditions of service regardless on their size of business or tiers.